Gag me with the decapitated head of a martyr…

If you hate the consumeristic commercialization of a holiday that literally had nothing to do with romance, rather “originated as a liturgical feast to celebrate the decapitation of a third-century Christian martyr, or perhaps two,” by the Roman Emperor Claudius Gothicus, then please, by all means,  do STOP commercializing and bastardizing it.

I am still a devout Atheist, but that does not preclude my belief that people should not be decapitated, for theirs.

I have long abhorred this particular Hallmark Holiday, single or attached, and have repeatedly requested of my Royal Consorts to kindly, NOT engage.


~Marcela: Still the Queen of This here Quackdom, and happily not receiving Valentine-specific overtures from one Salty-Ass Sailing Man, without having to ask, because he gets it, all by his-self.

P.S: Do Check out the Smithsonian link, I don’t just make this shit up to suit my perspectives and beliefs….though admittedly, in this case, it worked out well for me… :)