Intense is confused, contradictory,
Intense is conflicted.
Intense is connected, insightful, wise, crazy, vulnerable and volatile, even.
Intense is wild, unfettered.
Intense is not funny or amusing;
Intense is hilarious.
Intense cannot be contained, will not be boxed.
Intense puts shattered pieces together;
creating a picture more beautiful,
than the seemingly in-tact.
Intense grows wings, makes pigs fly.
Intense knows not, of impossibility.
Intense is creativity, its core, its essence.
Intense is never indifferent, mediocre or neutral.
Intense knows no middle ground.
Intense is love and hate, war and peace, black and white;
but Intense resides, in living colour.
Intense is primary, neon, even.
Intense registers no nuanced hues or shades of gray, has no space for washed out and faded.
Intense is not boastful, but aware of its internal power.
Intense is student and teacher.
Intense appears bossy, but is in actuality, a leader.
Intense roars loudest when silent.
Intense will not walk the talk of shameful suffering and pastel-coloured pity.
Intense occupies souls, fuels infernos of spirit-blazes too hot to extinguish.
Intense will be doused only, with (premium) fuel.
Feed the flame;
Intense incinerate,
evil; with Love.
Intense will no longer apologize for its intensity.

©Marcela Y. Mrnka

Original written in 2014, edited for publication July 17, 2022.
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