Sue & Marcela.Mug.Tattoo.April.11.2020

I awoke to twittering birdsong, 
and a fresh spring breeze
danced through the open window, 
and I was puzzled,
so I queried
the disquieting encumbrance,
which sat so heavily
in my heart.

And as every morning,
since Monday last,
I remembered
where you are.

I hold you close
my dearest friend,
like a child
her well-loved flannel;

And Parker visits
yet again
to whisper in our ears:
“Constant use ha[s] not worn ragged
the fabric of [our] friendship."*

I love you ; with the entirety ; of our valiant, purple hearts. 
~Marcela; with nothing but love and hope for your recovery, MySue. 
April 11, 2020 

Writing and photo: All Rights Reserved - Marcela: Unfiltered