While you were busy careening 
toward the artificially-cultured dream,
you let your own take a back seat.

While you were busy painting a life of colour and nuance
into a black and white world,
you fell into your own grey area.

While you were busy loving haters,
because compassion, compromise and ‘the right thing,’
you learned to hate and mistrust yourself.

While you were busy over-working
to make other lives better,
you made your own heartbreakingly hard.

While you were busy flailing and falling
to live a life long undesirable,
your voice drowned in the noise of survival.

While you were busy lighting others’ flames
to roaring bonfires,
your own diminished to barely a flicker.

So while you flail and fall, flicker and dim, do heed this voice:
for it has found that most calcified crevasse, 
the one to your heart’s ear, and know;

I am you, and:

[I will] not go gentle into that good night,
[I will] rage, rage against the dying of [my] light.


Sunset Photo & While You Were Busy: All rights Reserved M.Y.M.

Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night by Dylan Thomas

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