Would you like your coffee here, or there?
Would you like to have it, with some flair?
Would you like it in a cup?
C’mon Sailor, bottoms Up!
Oooh! Bottoms… blush…

Would you like your wench, to serve,
your cuppa Joe with a lil’ swerve?
Would you like it with a wink of her eye?
Would you like it, with some (bacon) pie?
Aaah!  Pie… tee hee…

Would you like it with some ‘spice’?
Or should I add a little ice?
I could oblige your salty, here, or there,
I can accommodate you, anywhere!
Oh! Even there…? wink…

Would you like your coffee on your boat?
Though from this lake we cannot float, there.
We’ll just have it, in my lair,
sorry ‘bout that curly hair!
Good morning Sailor ;)

Writing and Images: All Rights Reserved.