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As I pluck, the stray hairs from my face,
I try to ponder with some grace,
this crazy thing, called Aging.

As I take my locks, from gold to dark,
With silver strands just for the lark,
I smile, for I have Lived.

As I view the lines on this visage,
every day is vernissage,
and mostly, I care Not.

And as I judge this culture, youth obsessed,
no more couth do I possess,
than (T)rump-a-dump, himself.

In this world, where absurd is King,
I wag and wonder at this thing,
the phenomena, of Stupid.

We're teaching children, to regurgitate,
are raising mindless reprobates,
in bubble-wrapped, Entitlement.

I yell at them, to read a book,
get your brains back off that fuckin hook,
you call a life, on-line.

And as I sit, with 56.5
I rejoice the years I am alive
Live(d) and Love(d), with frenzied fire’n Passion

A youthful spirit, in its tweens
the wise chick in me hears’n gleans
that this body, doth Protest!

In recent words, to my well-(b)read child
I spoke of this my big wild ride,
and uttered this, fair Warning:

If tomorrow, I should die,
know that my life was not all pie,
but holy fuck me, what a Ride!

Lose no tear, for my time lost here,
I sped through akin to Buzz Lightyear,
had no time, to sweat the small Stuff! 

No such burden, as regret,
for NO dull moment did beget,
a single breath, I Took!

And so I enter, this next phase,
In a blur of crazy-dayz,
and with electrifying, Verve!

I ought to warn, you faint-of-hearts,
my new grand plan will have no chart,
to map out how this goes! 

So if you love me, in all my glory,
you will know that this next folly,
will be, of proportions Epic!


like the Queen I am.

Quack-a-fucking-doodle-dizzy and with a brand new energy, 
for an old(er) chick! 
October 21, 2017

Photos and Poetry: All Rights Reserved.