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Patronizing platitudes
in the never-ending purga(s)tory
of this 24/7 brain
refrains of fl-attitudes
preach gospels of negligence
the screaming human(?) freight-train, coming at me…
borne of DYI privileges,
their self-perceived pre-eminence
will curtail (y)our every freedom
forked-tongues and false images
projected from the box(es)
created by one Oz
this dystopian utopia,
purposeful scheming, corporate fox(es)… SCORE
so cunning so sly, plastic stuffs be (y)our new gods
exhaust the masses
a never-ending chase
of that proverbial dragon,
run-run-run lads and lasses
get your fair(?) share,
succeed-succeed drink up from this flagon!
known as

Disembark that damned freight train,
get up on a swing!
come ride a Unicorn
a true free-for-all waits
stands gesturing wildly,
atop Your very own,

Fly you fuckers,

Yours, from a most loved place: MyLaRebelSeagull; in this moment, chained only by links that hold the seat in place…