There is a much bigger story here, but right now, please help me help this family?

The story is here, if 140, that’s right One Hundred and Forty people send them $10.00 each (interac online banking e-transfer to this email address: is quick and painless), their holidays are saved.

Seriously, at a time of year when too many folks are willing to bow down to the Kings of corporate greed, credit, and go into (more) massive debt to buy useless bits of plastic and other crap, we can do more than ‘express our outrage.’ That alone, to me anyway, is contributing to the problem. If you actually can’t afford $10, perfect, I understand. Really I do, and my heart bleeds for you too.

The only way to do something about anything, is to DO something.

The principal of compassion is that which converts disillusionment into a participatory companionship. This is the basic love, the charity, that turns a critic into a human being who has something to give to – as well as to demand of – the world.     -Joseph Campbell

Currently yours,

~MyLa: not unplugged and with warmth, lights and a stove to cook on.