Your big box ways

            Cannot shrink wrap Me

into a submission

            that makes you comfortable

with who you think I Should be!

I am not here,

            to provide you with comfort

Au contraire!

            I am here to make you squirm;

For I am Not neat and tidy

            a packaged femme of your oppressive vision!

I am every single woman

            You ever abused;

Suffocated in your shrink wrap world,

            and I have come Undone,

you Cannot, wrap me back up!

 I am messy and I am Loud;

            I will regurgitate your vileness

and spit it back at you

            with a clarity so undeniable

that it will shatter your frozen soul

            for you know it, to be the Truth!

 I am all of them, every single one!

            and you Cannot win

with mere cling wrap,

            for I am No shrinking Violet!

~M.Y.F.M May 07, 2008