cock rock

It would be an act of treasonous hypocrisy against me,
to pay homage to you in death,
for truthfully, I neither respected nor liked you,
in life.

It would be an act of heinous duplicity against me,   
to attend an event graced by many who have hurt me profoundly, repeatedly,
in order that I may pay a false-loyalty tribute,
to you, or them.

I wish(ed) you, and them,
no harm,


It is an act of love toward self,  
and a clear and present Fuck-You(s),  
that I have lain my sword of Fielty,
at my own feet! 

And on that day of reverence for you,
I shall attend to that, which pleases my heart,
As befits one who acts, 
as her own Queen. 
~Marcela: Unapologetically Growing further, ever deeper, into my own skin.  
November 01, 2019

Poetry and Photograph: All Rights Reserved.