My best brain power and most of my energy have to be reserved for work 
these days so the writing in this little piece of fun hasn't been where 
I would like it to be, but all my very best LOVE goes out to all of you. 
The intent, from the start, has been about this day, day 12, all of you. 
Happy whatever you celebrate, or don't, and thanks, for hanging tough. 
Some days it feels like I just don't want to, can't, anymore, but you, 
this bunch, keep me taking the next step, trying the next drug, 
doing my best not to fall deeper into the black hole I have been clawing 
my way out of for the past year. Love,
12 + Favourite Humans-Coll.Dec.23.2019

On the 12th day of Crass-mess my true love sent to me
12 + Favourite Humans - Drumming the Beats that keep me marching
11 x 6000000 sheople following an orange pied piper
10 Leaping Chippendales
9 bombshells dancing
8 old-maid starter seeds
7 plastic seas a floating
6 geezers laying (down)
5 golden thongs
4 cat-calls
3 French fry gift cards
2 xmas turtle pics
  And a voice-mail xmas grting (press 1) on my automated phone tree!

~Marcela: checking (y)our cultural realities
December 24, 2019